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All stabilizers are available with vanadium carbide hardfacing or tungsten carbide inserts. All stabilizers are available in string and nearbit configurations. 
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Img_6520-01.jpg (17664 bytes) Tool #1 WELDED BLADE STABILIZER–Mild steel blades are tacked on a piece of 4145 drill collar stock.  The whole unit is then pre-heated to the required temperature and then the blades are mig welded on, and post heated to ensure that there are no failures.
IMG_6521.JPG (59532 bytes) Tool #2 INTEGRAL BLADE STRING STABILIZERS-Machined from a solid forging of 4145 heat treated steel.  This tool will withstand the most extreme hole conditions without blade failure.
IMG_6522.JPG (57360 bytes) Tool #3 NON-MAG STABILIZERS-Are available with 3 wrapped blades or 4 or 5 straight tapered blades and can also be bored for float.
IMG_6530.JPG (50876 bytes) Tool #4 STEERABLE STABILIZER-Designed for steerable motor drilling, available in 4 or 5 straight tapered blades and can also be bored for float.
Tool #5 COMMANDER INTEGRAL BLADE STABILIZER-Has a longer bearing surface.
Tool #6 KA TOOL-Designed primarily for tough Geothermal drilling, the super long 4 straight blades are 4” wide by 48” long on 12 ¼” through 17 ½” hole size and 3” wide blades on 8 ½” through 11”.
Tool #7 LEAD COLLARS-These furnish the short link between your nearbit stabilizers that is needed to stiffen your bottom hole assembly.
Img_6528.jpg (18114 bytes) Tool #8 ROLLER REAMERS-Available in nearbit and string. 2 types of cutters are available: TCI buttons and Chert cutters.
Img_6534.jpg (16166 bytes) Tool #9 FIXED DIAMETER HOLE OPENERS-Available in mill tooth or T.C.I. cutters and open or sealed bearings.  Tools are available in sizes 6” to 26”.  They are available with or without bull nose.
Img_6535.jpg (13732 bytes) Tool #10 INTEGRAL CUTTER HOLE OPENER-Machined from a solid piece of 4145 heat treated stock, 4 integral cutters are fully hard faced with tungsten carbide button inserts along with maximum TCI gauge protection.  With 5 nozzles, one for each cutter and one in the bull nose for maximum cleaning.  The integral design offers maximum strength without the inherent weakness of the pockets of conventional hole openers while still offering the flexability needed for horizontal applications.  11” and larger tools have 5 blades.
IMG_6523.JPG (52016 bytes) Tool #11 KEYSEAT WIPER-Double-clutch type, lets you remove Keyseat on both up and down stoke.  Made with large mesh cutting carbide to ensure long life.  Single-clutch type also available.
IMG_6527.JPG (48936 bytes) Tool #12 STRING REAMER-Lets you remove keyseats and dog legs by rotating the drill string.
Tool #13 NON-ROTATING RUBBER RIBBED STABILIZER-These are ideal for centralizing drill pipe inside casing when milling is required on fishing jobs.  The rubber sleeves ensure that there will be no wear inside casing.
Tool #14 JUNK MILLS-Junk Mills are designed to mill any type of junk that might be encountered in cased or open hole, including bit cones, drill pipe, tubing, bridge plugs, squeeze tools, or any foreign object.  The wear pads on our mills protect your casing from inside damage.  Downhole Stabilization offers two styles; Conventional-light duty milling; Conebuster-for heavy duty milling.
IMG_6542.JPG (55732 bytes) Tool #15 THRIFT MILL-Uses: mill cement and bridge plugs, liners and junk.
IMG_6538-A.jpg (13651 bytes) Tool #16 NON-MAG CROSSOVER SUB-Available in all sizes and connections.
IMG_6538-B.jpg (12302 bytes) Tool #17 CROSSOVER SUB-Available in all sizes and connections.
IMG_6543.JPG (79018 bytes) Tool #18 DRILL PIPE FLOAT VALVE-Available in all sizes both oil and geothermal applications.
Photography by ANETEK

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